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We help students differentiate and stand out during the Post COVID college admission process


INDUSTRY + education = future

We are at the cusp of a massive change – i.e.  Political, Generational, Technological, Financial, Industrial, and Societal. Top Schools are aware, and they are going to change, transform and align with these changes.

Are you ready for the New World of college admissions? 


Internships: differentiate you

College admission of the future is not just about your SAT/ACT scores. It is about your project, your credentials, your life experience, the impact you created by solving world problems,  recommendations and the continuation of pursuing that in college. 

 We build your credentials that colleges love!

Cutting-Edge Internship Programs:

for a New World

We offer six(6) Industry tracks based on the future Industry demand.  They are specifically designed to experience the future when they graduate while working on the projects at the School of Internships. 

As colleges adopt the “test-blind” admission model, these project-based outcomes, recommendations, credentials, etc., become the decisive factor for admission.

Robotics and IoT

1. Robotics and IoT: Core problem solving and design of Robot. Offered for all grades and range from 1, 3, and 6 months every year. There is a deep interest among students for this subject and the project can scale up or down depending on the needs.

Industry 4.0

2. Product Design and Innovation: This is offered to Grade 10 and up and starts with a minimum of 3 to 6 to 24 months to build credentials for Top Schools / Ivy Leagues


3. Economics and Business Research: Students focus on intense business research and economic models related to supply chains, political dynamics, international trade, market positioning, and finance.

Finance and Crypto

4. Finance, Crypto, and Technology: Students focus on Financial modeling, stochastic research, and price research. They are also trained in Stock charts, Crypto charts, and other predictive models to build a project that helps them advance knowledge on the subject simply and practically, instead of jargon.

Social Impact Govt Policy

5. Social Impact, Environment, and Govt Policy. Students focus on intense research and alignment with root-cause analysis and system dynamics that result in design thinking followed by designing policies that work based on the conditions.

Media based Journalism

6. Journalism, Marketing, and Media Activism. Students focus on building communication and distribution models to illustrate original findings through live interviews. This will be the future of independent journalism with content stored in the Blockchain for authenticity and tokenized for monetization.

  • The student developed a high-end functional design prototype of a wearable device to connect with Bluetooth pacemakers for patients with heart problems to monitor and predict their health. Submitted for US Patent. Please visit the student’s website : 

The student built a prototype for a Robotic arm that feeds individuals with Cerebral Palsy so they gain independence and self-respect. The entire project and updates can be viewed on the students website : 

  • The student developed an entire design of a St Judes-style cancer hospital for India with the concept of an ecosystem – with new efficient buildings, schools, parents’ quarters, and offices that optimizes costs and labor efficiencies through structured and rotational volunteering. 

Internships: Process & Outcomes

We have a proven process that works. While we use various learning and pedagogic models, we start by understanding the student extremely well at the core. That has been the secret sauce. 

Our project-based internships break down conventional thinking barriers, and we disrupt the century-old educational model using innovative and customized project-based learning. We dedicate an immense amount of time and energy to the student, provide them access to industry professionals, and build relationships for life.

We cater to the 1% of disruptors, rebels, unique, passionate, want to make a huge positive difference in the world by solving problems. Normal is boring to us!

Our mentorship model fits around the student instead of the other way round. Read more about how we run the program and deliver the outcomes by clicking on the button below.

disconnected silo

 School of Internships : Our Mission

MISSION:   WE help elite students build world class, innovative project-based experience, workforce-of-the-future skills, resumes & credentials that stand out during the college admission process of their dream schools. 

WE also help them succeed in their life journey as mentors and ensure they have the industry connections wherever they go, get the jobs they want, become financially free faster, and make a difference in the world by getting out of the rat race early!

WE ground them early to transform them into humble and conscious humans to make a better world.

WE build Leaders who go on to change the world!

We are putting the jigsaw puzzle together, finally, where the student benefits the most.

Your projects are your credentials & resume for college admission

School of Internships :

What To Expect

Short or Long Term

You choose. 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, or 2 years. More relevant projects equal more success of a better school

Innovative & Industry Relevant

Build something that is relevant and has a future. Half of the jobs of today will be irrelevant when you graduate.


We will help you with recommendations when you succeed with your project.

Hands on

Top Schools require hands-on and problem-solving experience. Just grades, SAT/ACT won't get you to Top Schools!

High-End ( Sorry, no fakes )

We are focused on the Workforce of the Future. We are experts. We don't do fake internships and fake won't take you far.

Ivy League Professional Mentorship

Ivy League industry professionals are your Mentors. Expect high-class, high-end, and exceptional mentorship.

Industry Networking

You will access and network with people from the Industry ( mostly Ivy Leaguers ), which no other platform provides.

Invest 1 hr/day X 3 Months

Focus on building your project every day. Top Schools want to see what you did beyond school hours. That's key!

Differentiate Yourself

Top School admission is competitive. Differentiate yourself through a high-end internship and relevant essays. 

Learn Real Skills

Over and beyond, you have to learn real skills. The Future of Work is about relevant skills and problem solving

Learn To Interview

You will present your project to Industry professionals and Ivy League alumni who will help sharpen your interview skills.

Do something Exciting!

COVID has taken away a lot from the student. Do something fun, interesting, bold and put your heart into it.

Bring Social Change

Do something that matters to you and your generation.

Take Action!

Feel depressed, demotivated, and victimized? Take action. We will help!

Make an Impact!

Go and solve a problem that you deeply care about, we will help you!



Old rules don’t work in a Post-Covid world !

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