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Summer Internships

 Our Summer 2021 Internships will provide you with an amazing perspective of the Industry that you have never experienced before. Invest 1 hour/day for a month wherever you are and learn something that matters to your career and college admission. Assured, you won’t feel dizzy perhaps (like watching this video) or bored, rather it will keep you on the edge!

One Month Intensive program for high school students in the usa

Summer Internship

This program is only for High School students in the USA. The Internship program is on the high-end side, so we believe it is best suited for Senior and Juniors, however others are welcome to participate.

Assessment - a must

We will cater to a maximum of 10 students for the one month Summer Internship. The program is intense, and we interview students after they complete our assessment to ensure we select the right student. 

Summer: Internship


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This is a one(1) month program starting from May 1st week, June 1st week, July 1st week, and most probably August 1st week as well. We only cater to a maximum of 10 students per month.  All Internships are hands-on and virtual, so the location doesn’t matter. All Internships are designed for students to learn system thinking-problem solving, design-thinking, build projects, create or design a product, solve a problem, collaborate with teams as if they are working in an office environment in reality, and network with Industry professionals from Top Schools. Industry leaders talk about Majors/Minors of the Future and Workforce/Industries of the Future. We provide deep financial literacy, entrepreneurship, communication, resume building, team management, and legal skills that a future student will need.

Please note – we are not a College/ Admission Counseling organization. We complement them. The achievements here are stories that your Admissions Consultant would like you to highlight in the College essay.

 Assessment and Interview:

Please apply for the assessment. It is a 60-minute assessment to understand the motive of the student – 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, and 20 years into the future. We are interested to know how the student looks at the future, their career, college, and also the impact they want to create in the future. We schedule a detailed interview once we find the student we believe we are looking for. Fees are charged in advance to ensure students are serious about the Internship. Please scroll down for Fees and Scholarships.

Our Methods: Summer Internship

 We are highly advanced in terms of our methods of Internship in general. Everything we do is “experiential”, gamification and simulation-based, very real, project-based, and outcome-driven. Students truly enjoy them! There are contemporary education models of the future and we implement them for the new generation.

We use the Harvard Business School Executive Education case study approach to business, leadership, and culture. We use MIT’s System Thinking, System Dynamics, Problem-Solving, and Design Thinking models.

We are non-traditional, futuristic, results-driven, impact-driven, and want students to learn as much as possible and everything revolves around a startup culture of “fail fast and fail often”.  Whatever we do is innovative and exciting. That’s our culture! Normal is boring for us.

Students do not need books, no need to memorize anything, never have to suffer death by PowerPoint issues or online fatigue. Our Internships are based on Critical Reasoning, Trivium, Quadrivium, and Workforce of the Future. That’s why we look for passionate people who believe they can make a difference in the world. Their SAT/ACT and grades/marks do not matter to us. In fact – we do not bother about those elements at all.

Industry 4.0

Industry Tracks: Summer Internship

 We have six(6) tracks to choose from. All our tracks are based on the Digital Revolution i.e. Industry 4.0, which is there to stay for the next 20 years or more and is the future of all current student generations. Note  – Digital Transformation doesn’t mean STEM, rather Industry 4.0 deals with the convergence of unrelated disciplines coming together to transform a business or solve problems.  It is a different thought process of doing business and is exactly where the future is headed and once you check out the tracks you will see that philosophy in action. A little further on this topic – Steve Jobs did not invent the camera, the microphone, the microprocessor, the chipset, the LCD panel, etc. Steve Jobs converged all these unrelated items to build something that people loved to own! That’s exactly the way we look at the future.

Why should the current generation of students deal with boring Internships that really don’t make a difference to their college application or their careers? At School of Internships we 100% focus on what the student will be experiencing after they graduate in the future. We will keep adding more industries as we expand the organization. We have just begun. Revolutions start that way, and we have just started one!

The light bulb wasn’t invented

by the continuous improvement of candles

We are more focused on the application side of Industry 4.0. Please browse the tracks that are relevant to you, apply for the program through the assessment and if you are selected we will interview you followed by a discussion with your parents.

Track 1: Medical Devices and IoT/AI

Best for students focusing on Bio Medical, Bio Engineering, Bio Design, Medical Devices, Physics, Mathematics, Applied Materials, Healthcare Management, Service Management, Hospice Care, Nursing and Mechanical/ Industrial/Electrical and Aeronautical Engineering.


Objective / Case Study

You have recently joined the Traklife team. Traklife is the only company that has developed a patent-pending device that helps patients with pacemakers have a better grip on their health using IoT, sensors, and the innovative design of the device. Post studying the product you are told there is a flaw and you need to discover the flaw in the design, present it to the CEO, explain how to solve the problem, and in addition do market research on the positioning and market size of the product, costing, marketing and outreach strategy. Before the final presentation, you will need to reach out to the Industry experts as a team and build the total value so that the flaw does not creep into the manufacturing phase of the product. 

Track 2: Robotics & Design

Best for students focusing on Design, Physics, Mathematics, Applied Materials, Social Sciences, Service Management, Hospice Care, Nursing and Mechanical/ Industrial/Electrical, Software Engineering, Electronics, Computer Science and Aeronautical Engineering. We also welcome students who are interested in Government, Public Policy and Finance to participate.

Objective / Case Study

You have recently got a job at the startup Arm-e, a revolutionary robotics company that has designed a robot to create independence for people with Cerebral Palsy. Tasked with digging deeper and studying the problem of the entire ecosystem you have been requested to find out the flaws in the design of the product and put one recommendation to rectify it before the robot Arm-e moves into the production phase. You really have to understand the boundaries and challenges you are up against and have to get real feedback from real people.  Based on these challenges find the one that would be the best recommendation, the impact, the cost involved, and the time involved to introduce the modification. The final stage is the presentation to Industry professionals and you have to convince them to invest money in the project. You have to appeal to them in such a way, they can’t refuse. 

Track 3: Ecosystem Design & Sustainability

Best for students in the field of Architecture and Planning, Sustainability, Civil engineering, and Capital Projects, Project Management, Government Policy, Human Rights, Politics, Divinity, Math, Finance, Law and Education.

Objective / Case Study

You are a passionate advocate for children. Millions of children go through cancer at an early age, though most heal up on time, these children are usually behind in their education, they are isolated and miss the childhood fun if not the love of their near and dear ones.

You want to make a difference.

Your plan is to create a proposal for your State Governor/ Chief Minister of State to build a Children Cancer hospital with the concept of an Ecosystem. An Ecosystem is a near self-sustaining model that creates value based on outcomes. Your job is to design, create the costing for multiple activities, build a visual presentation with details of People, Process, Technology, and Costs, present Venture Capitalists to request funding. While the design is a critical piece, you have to work with a team of professionals to complete the rest of the critical items. The key is to collaborate and build a template that can later be presented in real life to all Governments of the world, the United Nations, IMF, etc. Thus you will need to be really detailed and be a visionary to connect the dots and solve problems. How would you execute the project? A template like this doesn’t exist and no one has done this before. Can you?

Track 4: Smart Ashrams of the Future

Best for students in the field of Marketing, future MBA, Business Majors, Communications, Architecture and Planning, Sustainability, Civil engineering, and Capital Projects, Project Management, Government Policy, Human Rights, Politics, Divinity, Math, Finance, Law and Education. Equally good for students with Computer Science, Anthropology majors/minors, Liberal arts, and Blockchain enthusiasts. We invite future Lawyers, Attorneys, and Tax enthusiasts too! Please note, whoever you are, you need to be a changemaker and be willing to make a difference here. The project is real and you need to make it real by taking it further.


Objective / Case Study

This is a decade-long vision come true as a project. Ashram is a state of living in a community that is minimal, close to nature, self-sustaining, disciplined, and spiritual life – a practice India/ Tibet and other ancient civilizations practiced as a way of living. 

Welcome to Smart Ashrams, a global community that adopts the same minimal model as value, yet makes it suitable for the current Digital Age.

Early Bitcoin/Crypto investors for example have made a killing. Many in the late 40’s are no longer interested in running the corporate rat race and now want to live an adventurous life, but a minimal one with travel, laughter, great intellectual friends, close to nature, and a way to contribute back to society and also find a way to do work wherever they go. This is a visionary and futuristic project and you have set out to achieve a big objective. Imagine the possibilities of bringing people who can move between ashrams, sharing knowledge, digitally mentoring students of the future, building networks of the future, building a huge impact by being the key organizer for this project!

In the end, you are tasked to work with a team and build the entire proposal, understand the market, find the buyers of the Smart Ashram and get their feedback.

Track 5: Industry 4.0 Augmented Reality & Digital Twins

Open to those in Computer Software, Engineering, Business Architecture, Project Management, Business Management, Enterprise Architecture, IoT, IIoT, Cloud, Manufacturing etc. Also welcome are those looking at Engineering such as Mechanical, Electrical, Mining, Oil/Gas, Chemical and Process Engineering.  


Objective / Case Study

You have just joined the Manufacturing production team of a Toolmaking company. The Plant manager has asked you to evaluate the possibilities of AR, VR, and XR to help new production workers. He is interested to know the possibilities and has requested you build a small demonstration and if possible a Proof of Concept.

He has placed a couple of very important questions for you. First, he has 200 plants mostly in rural locations, he wants you to build a successful scalable strategy where AR/VR/XR can scale and impact. He did say there are other problems and decided not to tell you what those problems are. You need to probe what those problems can be in advance. The better you understand the challenges, the more accurate your strategy to scale the project.

He has requested other important pieces including costs, implementation strategy, people required, total Return on Investment and the architecture required. He has given you 30 days to complete the project and then finally present your findings to a panel of people including the CEO.

The CEO, unfortunately, thinks the idea of training factory personnel is a waste of time and feels the Plant Manager is not the right person to lead the factories as it may create problems with the workforce. On the other hand, the Plant Manager has immense faith in you. He knows you are a techie, understands architecture, understands the IT stack and charming personality. If you do well in convincing the CEO – you earn accolade and you save the Plant Managers job as well. Else, both will be let go! Can you help?

Track 6: Cryptocurrency, Trading, and Economics

Open to everyone and anyone! Crypto is the future and understanding the Economics, the Trading aspect, and Finance is critical for the entire student generation


CEO of Crypto Trading


Objective / Case Study

You have joined a non-profit, the CEO has hired you as a person who is a stellar Crypto enthusiast. She has asked you to focus on understanding the value of Crypto and the different ones available to invest in. Is it an asset, currency, a tulip-mania…what is it?

She requests that you understand how to trade Crypto. She has heard about Technical Analysis, and she has made friends in other circles who swear by WD Gann’s methods of drawing charts that can forecast trends and movement, which again is not Technical Analysis. She recently also came by a group of investors who claimed that Crypto( and stocks) can be invested by studying Financial Astrology. Yes, Financial Astrology and the movement of planets. The CEO doesn’t know what to do now with these silos of information.

She has requested that you start becoming a crypto investor, invest $100 and start trading to get the experience, and start forecasting how to make money for the non-profit. Can she depend on you to quickly learn and show profits? She understands you may not know anything about the subject, but she trusts in your enthusiasm to learn. Can you?

The Program Outcomes

Jobs of the Future

Experience the roles that will be paying the money when you graduate.

Industry of the Future

What would the intersection and convergence of Industries be?

Workforce of the Future

Experience working in a company doing real work, but for yourself.

Communicating Effectively

Communication is critical, how do you do it with Industry professionals

Industry Networking

Network heavily right from the start, but how? What should you prepare for?

Entrepreneurial Spirit

The future is about Innovation and building businesses that change status.

Build Skills - very early

Students build skills very late in the game a big mistake to rectify!

Build Financial Skills - very early

Learn trading Crypto currency and other financial skills very early.


Stretch your imagination and break out from conventional thinking

Job Shadow

You learn by duplication and you will get a chance to do so and network well.


The future is in collaborating with diverse intellectuals

System Thinking

Understand System Thinking and Design Thinking. That’s the key!


Co-Creation is a magical activity when you collaborate well. Learn it!

Applied Knowledge

A school will provide information, but working on projects = Applied Knowledge ; Learn it!

College Credential

This is your chance to build a credential for college admissions. Project & Essays.

We follow the Harvard Business School model of pedagogy

( It Also means we have HIGH standards and we are obsessed with Quality and Outcomes! )


The Program: How we run it

First of all, our program is hands-on and very, very real. There are no books, no boring PowerPoint online presentations, or online learning. This is about playing different roles in real life ( called Simulation and Gamification ) and learning from the experience with the help of mentors. It is as good as working for a company in real life.

We follow how Harvard Business School PLD program is taught through real Business Cases, Real-world projects, Experiential Learning, and how to solve problems. You will need all of them at a US school, your future internships, the entrepreneurial ventures that you will be asked to build, and also the jobs you seek in the future.

Build your foundation here.

Else, you will have to build it somewhere – you will lose

time, money and opportunity for not doing it now. There are no shortcuts.

For example – you are given a role in a company initiative, and everyone has to collaborate to solve the real-world problem. You will be mentored by HBS/Ivy League Industry professionals and you will learn everything during that process of building an enterprise. Not a boring moment, rather it is exciting!

The Application Process

Unfortunately, we assess every student before they join the program. We look for specific mindsets that meet our standards and we are selective about it. Else, how would we know how to guide and mentor you during the actual program without knowing you? Typically we select 1 out of 3 students for the summer program, and we will let you know upon your selection.

Please note – paying full money will not help you gain a ticket to this program. We are selective and  we evaluate students thoroughly before entry.

Fees & Scholarships:

Track 1:  Medical Devices & IoT/AI :  $800

Track 2:  Robotics and Design: $800

Track 3:  Ecosystem Design and Sustainability :  $800

Track 4: Smart Ashrams of the Future: $800

Track 5: Industry 4.0: Augmented Reality and Digital Twins : $800

Track 6: Crypto Currency, Trading and Economics: $1,000

Scholarships are decided based on Interview. Here are the three elements:

1. You get a referral from your Admissions Counselor or Consultant: $100 off

2. You have clarity of purpose and what you want in life: $100 off

3. You have had past experience in the technology, know 3D design or have a past project that shows you know the area of the project: $100 off

differentiate yourself while you enjoy the summer. Learn & experience what matters

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We are 100% global/virtual spanning multiple countries, but if you have a query, we usually answer in a day or two.


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