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assessment: Build To Impact

This assessment is ONLY for students who have confirmed USA university admission offers, and awaiting Class XII results or exams or COVID cancellations. 


Please note who this assessment is meant for. This is very specific to students who have confirmed admission offers to the US universities, but are stuck because of the Class XII board exam postponed notice

About the assessment

The assessment is about you and only you. We want to know who you are, how you think, what are your goals in life, what have you done so far, and why things matter to you. It can take 60 minutes to 90 minutes depending on your thought process.

 The Assessment

You are most welcome to check the business cases and projects below to get an idea of this world class gamification oriented awareness and skill development program, but honestly it has nothing to do with your assessment. 


What Matters?

As we explained, the assessment is all about you. We take a deep interest in you. Check the projects and cases below if you care, and scroll down for the assessment. Remember to keep a couple of hours in hand and answer the entire set in one go. If you have to take a break, take a short one, but we have observed unattended delays can cause the Google Form to refresh… and you have to start again. Do not use your mobile phone or iPad for this assessment. Last, do not forget to hit the “Submit” button! Yeah, many forget to do that.

May the Force be with you!

CEO of Traklife


Details (click here )
  • – You are the CEO, CIO, CTO, CMO, CRO, etc Traklife an IoT Medical Device company.
  • – You will need to form your teams with other members.
  • – Objective:  Build a Marketing and Industry Strategy for Traklife
  • – You will connect with the Industry and understand what are the needs in the market and why this product solves the problem. If it doesn’t can you make the changes?
  • – Resolving Conflicts will be key here and we will learn the root cause of the mistakes.

CEO of ARM-e


Details (Click here )
  • -You are the CEO, CIO, CTO, CMO, etc team from the startup Arm-e.
  • -You want to find what is the Market fit for your product and the problem it solves.
  • -You will interact with customers and explain the problem it solves and change your pitch to perfect it.
  • -You will also collect feedback to create a better product design using IoT and AR.

Ceo of Cancer Hospital


Details ( click here )
  • -You are the CEO, CIO, CTO, CHO, CRO of a hospital that is planned for solving the cancer problems of children through unconventional means.
  • -You have to pitch the whole project to Startup Investors to buy in.
  • -The real challenge is – costs, and above all the poor mindset of buyers. How would you change that?

CEO of Smart Ashrams


Details ( click here )
  • – You are part of the team that is building a visionary project called – “Smart Ashrams” which is the modern yet spiritual way to live life.
  • – Research about the needs – is this project worthwhile? Who needs it? What is the broader implication?
  • – Build a presentation deck and an “activism” based video and present it to customers evangelizing the concept.

CEO of Augmented Reality


Details (Click here)
  • You are part of a team that makes Augmented Reality applications for the Industry. 
  • You are tasked to find out – which markets will need AR, and calculate costs for building AR to create Impact.
  • How would you build a Strategy and present it to Venture Capitalists?

CEO of Crypto Trading


Details ( Click here )
  • You are a student in a US college, and you are concerned about the student debt problem and the lack of jobs upon graduation.
  • You heard how a friend of yours has gained exceptional skills understanding how Cryptocurrency is traded and
  • You set your eyes to understand Technical Analysis.
  • The goal – to make money every day and pay off your loan.

The Assessment

Note, you will have to scroll up and down so you can differentiate between the questions. It also prevents you to get a good feel by a chance if you use your cell phone or tablet to answer the assessment – so please use your laptop! May the force be with you 🙂

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