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While You Wait train yourself

An exciting, fun, and hands-on Prep program for Class 12 students in India who are waiting to fly out to US/UK/EU Universities in a month or two. Built and run by Industry professionals from Harvard/MIT/Top Schools

Exams canceled, yet Voyage Ready

This program is for those select students who have received their admissions at a US/Canada/UK/EU University, and their Class 12 board exams are either postponed or canceled

get an edge, before you move

We empathize. Waiting, watching, and praying – we know how helpless you must be feeling. This program will keep you motivated and prepare you for university,  as you wait. 

Get an Edge: While You Wait

It is truly a sad situation where USA/Canada/UK/EU-bound students have to recalibrate their situation based on the postponed/canceled Board exams. Students have to go from one set of challenges to the other, so we built a program to prepare them on what to expect when they resume studying abroad and how to succeed there based on the big changes that are happening.

 The USA for example is going through one of the toughest situations right now – financially, politically, racially, culturally, and economically. With a distinct K-shaped economy in formation and shift in employment models because of CoVID and the restrictions – students need to adapt very fast when they land there. What takes 4-6 months, can be compressed down to 1 month through this program. Avoid mistakes, prepare early and adapt flawlessly!

You can’t change the wind, but you can adjust the sails!

An exciting Program – for the first time!

Build To Impact India and Project Starfish – School of Internships bring you a cutting edge, experiential learning program where you are simulated in a USA environment that mimics real-world collaborative entrepreneurial projects, where you are introduced to Harvard Business School Case study learning models, networking with Industry stalwarts in the USA and working with real customers.

The whole program is like playing a collaborative game in real life based on simulation. It is high-end, intense, exciting and helps you learn the critical elements to avoid a culture shock so have a seamless experience when you continue your college in the USA. 

 The Business Case

In a collaborative game you are simulated as part of a real venture, where everyone takes on different roles. You are provided with a Harvard Business School-style case study where everyone needs to work together collaboratively in a USA-based environment(virtually of-course) for 1-month and with people in the USA to solve a pressing entrepreneurship problem. You are mentored on the way and you learn through experiential learning.



Check Them Out

View the video, click on the details to understand the business cases, scroll down to read the rest of the material, and click on the “Student Assessment”. We provide a substantial scholarship for the selected India students.

CEO of Traklife


Details (click here )
  • – You are the CEO, CIO, CTO, CMO, CRO, etc Traklife an IoT Medical Device company.
  • – You will need to form your teams with other members.
  • – Objective:  Build a Marketing and Industry Strategy for Traklife
  • – You will connect with the Industry and understand what are the needs in the market and why this product solves the problem. If it doesn’t can you make the changes?
  • – Resolving Conflicts will be key here and we will learn the root cause of the mistakes.

CEO of ARM-e


Details (Click here )
  • -You are the CEO, CIO, CTO, CMO, etc team from the startup Arm-e.
  • -You want to find what is the Market fit for your product and the problem it solves.
  • -You will interact with customers and explain the problem it solves and change your pitch to perfect it.
  • -You will also collect feedback to create a better product design using IoT and AR.

Ceo of Cancer Hospital


Details ( click here )
  • -You are the CEO, CIO, CTO, CHO, CRO of a hospital that is planned for solving the cancer problems of children through unconventional means.
  • -You have to pitch the whole project to Startup Investors to buy in.
  • -The real challenge is – costs, and above all the poor mindset of buyers. How would you change that?

CEO of Smart Ashrams


Details ( click here )
  • – You are part of the team that is building a visionary project called – “Smart Ashrams” which is the modern yet spiritual way to live life.
  • – Research about the needs – is this project worthwhile? Who needs it? What is the broader implication?
  • – Build a presentation deck and an “activism” based video and present it to customers evangelizing the concept.

CEO of Augmented Reality


Details (Click here)
  • You are part of a team that makes Augmented Reality applications for the Industry.
  • You are tasked to find out – which markets will need AR, and calculate costs for building AR to create Impact.
  • How would you build a Strategy and present it to Venture Capitalists?

CEO of Crypto Trading


Details ( Click here )
  • You are a student in a US college, and you are concerned about the student debt problem and the lack of jobs upon graduation.
  • You heard how a friend of yours has gained exceptional skills understanding how Cryptocurrency is traded and
  • You set your eyes to understand Technical Analysis.
  • The goal – to make money every day and pay off your loan.

The Program & Outcomes

The US New Normal

Understand The  current Culture of the USA, where big changes are happening

Corporate Culture

Where is the US Culture headed, and preparing for it. Good, Bad & Ugly!

Industry Change

Anticipate and Prepare for the Change – which industries have jobs and money

Communicating Effectively

Communication in America – is very different. Know how to do it well.

Industry Networking

Network heavily right from the start, but how? What should you prepare for?

Entrepreneurial Spirit

America is a hub of entrepreneurship. Faster you start, the better.

Build Skills - very early

Students build skills very late in the game a big mistake to rectify!

Build Financial Skills - very early

Learn trading Crypto currency and other financial skills very early.

Building your Startup - Early

If you don’t have startup building skills, and find your nice very early.

We follow the Harvard Business School model of pedagogy

( It means we have standards and we select the best students. Apologies! )


The Program: How we run it

First of all, our program is hands-on and very, very real. There are no books, no boring PowerPoint online presentations, or online learning. This is about playing different roles in real life ( called Simulation and Gamification ) and learning from the experience with the help of mentors.

We follow how Harvard Business School PLD program is taught through real Business Cases, Real-world projects, Experiential Learning, and how solving problems. You will need all of them at a US school, your internships and the entrepreneurial ventures that you will be asked to build and also the jobs you seek in the future.

For example – you are given a role in a company initiative, and everyone has to collaborate to solve the real-world problem. You will be mentored by HBS/Ivy League Industry professionals and you will learn everything during that process of building an enterprise. Not a boring moment, rather it is exciting!

The Application Process

Unfortunately, we assess every student before they join the program. We look for specific mindsets that meet our standards and we are selective about it. Else, how would we know how to guide and mentor you during the actual program without knowing you? Typically we select 1 out of 3 students, and we will let you know upon your selection.

Questions, Fees & Scholarships:

Please connect with Build To Impact India team led by Priyanka Bhartia and Ninad Gosavi only at +91 77380 48111 and for India: Fees and Scholarships, which are heavily discounted.

differentiate yourself while you wait

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